February 21st, 2023 | Leaside

Is Leaside Toronto’s Last Best-Kept-Secret?

A premier, world-class city, Toronto is home to a number of esteemed and historically reputable luxury neighbourhoods. In affluent circles, names such as Rosedale, Forest Hill North, and the Bridle Path are synonymous with opulent, world-class properties, sought-after addresses and elite residents. 

In addition to its unparalleled collection of luxury neighbourhoods with household name status, Toronto also boasts a refined list of hidden gem communities. These areas share a myriad of characteristics with the city’s most celebrated neighbourhoods, despite remaining comparatively unknown. One such community is Leaside. 

Despite contemporary growth, Leaside remains a well-kept secret among affluent homeowners and luxury real estate insiders. However, as the area’s continuously upward momentum reaches new peaks it may not be long before Leaside becomes Toronto’s preeminent destination for upscale buyers. 

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Placing Leaside On a Map

Located near Eglinton Avenue East and Bayview Avenue, Leaside is a distinctly Midtown neighbourhood. Given the area’s advantageous location, residents share direct access to many of the same upscale amenities as their neighbours in communities such as Bennington Heights and Chaplin Estates. 

Additionally, the geographic placement of Leaside lends well to buyers seeking an elevated family-oriented neighbourhood. Beyond an array of exceptional recreational facilities and leisure areas, Leaside also boasts unique proximity to some of Toronto’s most reputable public and private schools. 

Tracing Leaside’s Roots

Originally founded as a village in the mid-nineteenth century, the quaint settlement took shape around a distinctive eight-sided octagonal house named Leaside after the owner’s father, John Lea. Less than a century later Leaside was formally incorporated as a town, however, it would be more than two decades before formal residential development began. 

As the first town in Ontario to be planned in entirety before construction, Leaside’s unique roots are celebrated and revered by historians and urban planners alike. Following the first world war, Leaside would evolve into a proud and burgeoning neighbourhood within the Borough of East York before formally being amalgamated into the City of Toronto towards the end of the century. 

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An Inspired Vision

As the neighbourhood began formal development, builders in Leaside took specific inspiration from the nearby community of Rosedale. Already one of Canada’s most distinguished residential enclaves, architects and planners sought to replicate Rosedale’s gorgeous homes, affluent suburban ambience and winding tree-lined streets. 

The result of this inspired vision is a charming and sophisticated neighbourhood with spacious lots, professionally manicured outdoor spaces, and a variety of opulent architectural styles. Today, these details attract elite home buyers with refined tastes. 

Modern Growth & Future Projections

While still a relatively hidden gem, Leaside has witnessed a new wave of momentum over the past few years. This attention is a product of the neighbourhood’s exciting growth and pockets of modernization.

Notably, the long-awaited Eglinton Crosstown LRT will directly serve Leaside, providing residents with efficient access to the surrounding city. Emerging residential developments are also contributing to Leaside’s increase in prominence. Along Bayview Avenue, a selection of amenity-rich condominiums and townhomes have drawn a new generation of buyers to the area. 

Beyond the array of new developments arriving in the area, Leaside’s exceptional heritage homes are becoming highly desirable among contemporary buyers. This upward trend is reflected in the neighbourhood’s real estate. With a higher number of buyers seeking property in Leaside, home prices are rising steadily to reflect the increased demand.

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Uncover Your Dream Home in Leaside

For home buyers seeking an exceptionally serene, opulent, and family-friendly neighbourhood, Leaside makes a remarkable fit. Like any luxury real estate transaction, discovering and purchasing an idyllic Leaside home requires advisory services from local experts. 

As active members of the community and one of Leaside’s top real estate teams, Armin Group provides distinguished buyers with a strategic, unparalleled market entry. Our robust network, localized expertise, and access to stunning private and off-market listings allow buyers to streamline their home search and uncover their ideal property. 

A leading team in the realm of luxury real estate and distinguished experts of Leaside’s unique micro-market, Armin Group can provide an impeccable end-to-end buying experience. Send us an email or call us at 416.347.4061 to get started. 

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