June 9th, 2021 | Style And Design

5 Tips for Creating Your Own Home Outdoor Oasis

Summer has finally arrived and in more normal times our thoughts would be turning to that much-needed and long-for holiday. We all know how important it is for our emotional and physical well-being to switch off and hit the reset button. However, the ongoing travel restrictions mean that this summer many of us are looking to stay at home and create an oasis of calm and relaxation in our own back yard.

Here we share a few tips on how to make your outdoor space truly somewhere you can unwind and find your summertime self.

Firstly, a little privacy is key to real relaxation. If your back yard doesn’t have a corner that isn’t overlooked by neighbouring homes, then it’s not difficult to create one. Fill a few large pots with tall plants with lush overhanging leaves, erect a simple trellis for some scrambling annual climbers or create a privacy screen with softly draped fabric. All of these will create the sense of seclusion that is necessary for true relaxation.

We love our local shops like Sheridan Nurseries, Summerhill Nursery, and Davenport Garden Centre that have a plethora of backyard accessories and plants to fit your needs. 

Now think about how you’re going to “decorate” your outdoor sanctuary. A weatherproof rug can provide a sense of connection between your indoor and outdoor spaces and add definition to your area. You’ll definitely need to invest in some super comfortable seating that’s designed for long hours spent lounging with a good book or your ipod. Instead of a garden chair, how about a hammock on a frame or an outdoor daybed? And don’t forget some cushions to add a luxurious touch.


Long relaxing outdoor meals is something we associate with holidays, so an outdoor dining table and chairs are essential to getting the most out of your outdoor space. If your area for eating is small, go for delicate bistro-style rather than the heavier wooden furniture. An over-the-table parasol will provide shade when the sun’s too hot and protection from a summer shower if needed.

Finally, don’t overlook the importance of outdoor lighting. When the sun’s gone down, there is nothing more magical than lingering outdoor surrounded by soft lighting as you enjoy the scents and noises of the dusk filled world. 

Your home should be a respite from the daily grind. Here are some other tips and suggestions to make your home decor reflect your aesthetic and promote relaxation and health:

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