August 22nd, 2021 | Selling

Five factors to maximize your home sale in today’s market

With the Toronto real estate market continuing to deliver record results to home sellers in 2021, it may seem like​ ​selling your luxury home should be quick and effortless. While traditional luxury homes in Toronto’s most​ ​desirable neighbourhoods continue to be of high interest to buyers, there are some practical things you can do to​ ​ensure you get the maximum return for your home in the shortest time.

1. Present your home in top form

In a competitive and high-end market, your property needs to shine to compete with properties selling at the high​ ​end of the market. An excellent place to start is to receive an evaluation of your home – we can help make​ ​suggestions to present your home in a way that appeals to buyers as soon as they step foot inside the doorway.​ ​Consider having a conversation with an agent often six months before you want to sell. Among the simple steps​ ​we usually suggest to clients is to arrange to have a fresh, neutral colour of paint applied to the rooms in the home.​ ​A can be a great starting point in preparation for sale. Some simple but tasteful landscaping additions can also​ ​boost curb appeal and present an excellent first impression. Removing excess objects can improve flow in the
home and give a clear picture of your home’s appeal for its future owners.

2. My home is well-appointed; do I need to stage the property?

First impressions are the only impressions when it comes to selling your home. In a hot market, buyers react​ ​quickly, and if your home is in top form, it can mean a quick sale. All homes can benefit from the advice and​ ​recommendations of a stager who can make helpful suggestions about your home​ and ​exterior and interior to​ ​maximize your sale. They can also help you edit a room to improve flow, standardize on a colour scheme that unifies the overall look of your home.

3. Choose an agent who knows your neighbourhood and the market.

At Sotheby’s, we know the luxury market in Toronto and understand what it takes to get the best return on your​ ​investment. We know it can be an emotional time, and we can help guide you through the process by leveraging​ ​our expertise. Our approach and reach in this competitive market are second to none.

4. What’s the story of your home? Let us help you tell prospective buyers.

Our Sotheby’s agents invest time getting to know you to better understand the relationship you have enjoyed with​ ​your home. They then convey that knowledge and understanding into the conversations they have with buyers. We​ ​create a sense of excitement and enthusiasm for your home and the neighbourhood.

5. How do I know if my home is priced appropriately for the market?

When you work with the right agents who know the Toronto luxury home market, you can be assured your home​ ​will be priced correctly for the market and receive the best possible return. We have the most current data to refer​ ​to and assess the right price for your home.

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