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Horology: More Than A Collector’s Pastime

Taking cues from fine art, high fashion, and other realms of luxury, horology – the acquisition and collection of watches and timepieces allow enthusiasts to express and display their distinguished tastes. 

Similar to other luxury assets such as real estate, watches and timepieces hold and build value remarkably well – particularly those that are rare, premium built, or of a well-coveted vintage. Far beyond a simple avocation, contemporary horology allows established connoisseurs and emerging collectors alike to build personal equity within their repertoire.

For discerning collectors, a sophisticated approach to this centuries-old tradition provides ample opportunity for strategic investment and wealth building. 

Purveyors of Excellence: Armin Group & Sotheby’s International Realty Canada

In the realm of luxury real estate, discerning homeowners use and optimize their property to create and nurture both personal and generational wealth. Horology and the strategic accrual of other high-value assets such as automobiles, fine art, or antiquities similarly allow discerning collectors to build equity and capture a strategic return on their investment.  

Exclusively affiliated with Sotheby’s International Realty Canada, Armin Group provides clients with exceptional advisory services beyond the realm of traditional real estate. Grounded by principles of lifelong relationships, our team can assist horologists and other high-end collectors in their pursuit of making a refined investment. For guidance beyond our in-house capabilities, Armin Group’s relationship with Sotheby’s provides investors with a direct link to thier globally leading purchasing, auctioneer, and private sales services. 

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Acquisition & Appreciation 

Like real estate, watches and timepieces appreciate in value over time. While many horologists may be drawn to certain pieces for their status, prominence, and fashion value, a number of exceptional, high-value watches also boast superb resale potential. Therefore, in addition to being a gratifying pastime, horology can also be approached as a unique method of investing in luxury assets. 

Like any high-capital investment, acquiring an exceptional timepiece should entail the supportive guidance of a well-educated advisor. In a fast-moving and evolving horological market, even seasoned collectors may encounter predatory or unethical sales tactics such as forgeries, false advertising, and other risks. Effectively protecting and optimizing your investment requires the assistance of a discerning expert eye. Armin Group, in tandem with Sotheby’s International Realty Canada, allows horologists to purchase timepieces with strategic foresight pertaining to their personal wealth. 

One of the city’s preeminent luxury neighbourhoods, Yorkville boasts a unique volume of horological boutiques and other upmarket retailers. Click here to learn more about Yorkville and how it became Toronto’s hub of affluence. 

Informed Market Navigation

Beyond the empowering knowledge of our team and partnerships, Armin Group can assist investors in identifying distinctive and rare timepieces that make a remarkable inclusion into one’s collection both stylistically and financially. While most horologists may limit their search to public retailers and local brick-and-mortar jewellers, collectors looking to refine their acquisition process should seek out high-value buying opportunities outside of the traditional market. 

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High-Value Returns

Similar to purchasing a luxury watch or timepiece, optimally navigating the market as a seller is complex and multi-faceted. For refined horologists, achieving an exceptional return on high-value pieces involves a bespoke resale process. With a wide selection of transaction types ranging from public auction to the private horologic market, maximizing your return on investment is best accomplished with expert guidance. 

When the time comes to cash out on your thoughtfully-built equity, Armin Group can help you identify which avenues of sale may be most beneficial to you. During this process, our relationship with Sotheby’s International Realty Canada and Sotheby’s Auction House is once again your strategic advantage. 

Whether you are seeking strategic advisory services pertaining to horology, other luxury assets, or high-end real estate, we can assist you. Send us an email or call us at 416.347.4061 to get in touch. 

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