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Nursery Essentials For New Parents

Welcoming a new member to the family is a momentous celebration, and while exciting, it is an event that entails a significant life adjustment. By extension, your home will also evolve to ensure your child has the space and resources needed to flourish in their first years. 

Surmounting the designation of simply a room, the nursery is an essential facet of a family home, providing a comforting and warm environment for your child’s early years. On that note, carefully drafting and curating an idyllic nursery requires forethought on both design and utility. 

In this article, we will highlight a selection of essential nursery elements for new or soon-to-be parents. 

A Peaceful Palette 

In addition to a number of prerequisite furnishings – which we will also cover in this article, an idyllic nursery requires an inspired yet calm ambience. Therefore, it is essential to pay close consideration to the defining features of your nursery’s environment – the walls, the floor, and the lightning. 

When painting the walls, elect to use pale or pastel colours, creating an atmosphere that is welcoming and bright without the potential for overwhelm. For lighting, ensure that there are both overhead and accessory sources of illumination. Curtains should be capable of reducing sunlight enough for midday naps. 

Like any room in the home, flooring is an integral part of your nursery’s ambience and purpose. As a space for your child to discover play, softer flooring such as plush carpeting or dense rugs provides a pragmatic alternative to hardwood. Modern technologies such as underfloor heating systems can provide an additional degree of comfort for both your child and you.  

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Your Centerpiece: The Crib

The foundation of your nursery’s utility is the crib. Beyond merely a place for sleep, the crib is a sanctuary – your child’s destination for rest, connection, and security. However, in addition to the warm and comforting ambience it provides, a crib should also be functional, accommodating and adaptable. 

With this in mind, it is imperative to be selective and forethinking when assessing crib options. As an example, many contemporary cribs are adjustable – allowing you to expand them as your child requires more room. Further, there are combination options available that are both a crib and a changing station in one. 

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Space For Bonding

In addition to being a place of rest, your nursery is also a palette for connectivity. As your child’s dedicated space, it is where you will spend hours upon hours of quality time together. 

Comfortable seating is necessary for parent-child bonding. A spacious armchair or small sofa that is sizable enough to accommodate both you and your child will be an effective host to reading time, feeding, or general shared relaxation. There are a number of dedicated nursery chairs available on the market, many of which offer thoughtful features such as rockers, recliners, or gliders. 

Keep frequently used items close to your dedicated seating area. Books, toys, blankets, and other essentials should remain within arm’s reach to reduce distraction or interruption. 

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Stow & Storage

Finally, your nursery should include an abundant and diverse selection of storage options. Baskets, bins, and hampers offer flexible containment for a variety of items. Organizational accessories such as drawer dividers or inserts ensure belongings have their own designated place. 

Beyond containers, concealing furnishings such as wardrobes, dressers, and cabinetry allows you to preserve the room’s curated ambience by hiding clutter and non-essential items. For total space optimization, consider bespoke solutions such as custom-built furnishings or shelving units. 

Like other nursery elements, your storage solutions must anticipate and accommodate future adjustments to your child’s needs. As rapid growth is a defining factor of your child’s initial years, adequate storage will be vital to ensuring the room remains clean, well-organized and comfortable as time passes. 

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