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Our Top 5 Central Toronto Neighbourhoods for Young Professionals

[et_pb_section][et_pb_row][et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text]Life happens in stages, and most people will embrace a different lifestyle at each one. For many, there is a period between university and raising a family (for those who make these choices) that is dedicated to building a career and enjoying their freedom. 

During this time, having the perfect place to call home can help you live your life to the fullest. That is why many young professionals devote so much time to choosing the right neighbourhood. The good news is, in Toronto, you have an abundance of options!

Here are five local neighbourhoods that are truly ideal for young professionals…

1. The Annex

While The Annex is often associated with students, the area certainly is not lacking in sophistication. Its central location, convenient amenities, and stunning scenery mean there are plenty of reasons to stay in the neighbourhood long after you’ve obtained your degree. Its artsy, academic feel makes it perfect for those who thrive on energy and diversity.

It does not get more picturesque than The Annex, where the residential streets are lined with mature trees and majestic Edwardian and Victorian houses. If you are not yet ready to settle into a home long-term, there are many other options. From boutique condos to townhomes and semi-detached properties, you will find a beautiful place that meets your needs.

Along lively Bloor Street, ultra-convenient businesses make it easy to find whatever your heart desires. Eclectic eateries, cafes, shops, bookstores, and galleries (among other unique hotspots) are in abundance. This authentic flavour makes it a very special place to live.

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2. Summerhill

To reside in Summerhill is to live a charmed life. This beautiful neighbourhood is known for its gently-winding streets and gorgeous greenery, along with its beautifully-maintained houses from the Victorian period.

The homes in Summerhill make it most suitable for professionals who have advanced in their career and can afford the local price tags. That said, a growing number of condo developments have provided new opportunities to call the area home, which is ideal for ambitious members of younger generations. 

This calm-yet-vibrant neighbourhood boasts quick access to the subway, serene outdoor spaces, and local businesses. It’s also home to everything from pristine trails and ravines to upscale patisseries and boutiques. Summerhill Station can also claim the city’s largest LCBO—perfect when you’re planning a cocktail night at home.

3. Yorkville

Could Yorkville be the ultimate place for young professionals? Maybe. First, there’s the area’s location, which provides residents with easy access to transit and other central neighbourhoods. That includes the Financial District—if you work there, it is an easy commute. Next, there are the condo buildings. While square footage is at a premium, you will find some gorgeous modern units in the area. 

Of course, the amenities are what really set Yorkville apart. If you are making a good living and want to spend it on a luxurious lifestyle, there’s no better place to do it than Yorkville. This glamorous enclave is known for its designer boutiques (Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Burberry, Dior, and Hugo Boss all have outposts here, among other big names). 

Yorkville is also a place where exceptional restaurants, buzzworthy nightlife, and world-class spas abound. If having the best of everything appeals to you, you will love it here.

4. Distillery District

If historic architecture is your preferred aesthetic, you will feel right at home in the Distillery District. Converted Victorian-era industrial buildings and cobblestone streets provide a truly authentic, old-world charm. It’s the perfect backdrop for a weekend stroll, and there are plenty of quaint shops, trendy restaurants, brewpubs, and spirit houses to explore too.

Wondering what a typical workday will look like in the Distillery District? Start by waking up in your ultra-modern unit in one of the area’s sleek modern condo buildings, grab a coffee from one of the incredible local cafes, and walk or grab a streetcar to the office. At the end of the day, there’s no shortage of options for dinner (and drinks, if you could use a nightcap with friends).  

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5. St. Lawrence Market

Does your idea of a fabulous lifestyle include exploring the local food scene? If so, there is no better neighbourhood than St. Lawrence Market. Boasting over 120 merchants and artisans, this lively attraction is known for its diverse and incredible cuisines. So much so that National Geographic named it the best food market in the world. 

If living close to some of the best food in the city appeals to you, there are plenty of convenient places to call home in the neighbourhood. That includes countless luxurious condos and lofts. 

In addition to its biggest attraction, this wonderful neighbourhood is also home to a number of fantastic restaurants, cafes, lounges, theatres, and specialty shops (including some fantastic furniture stores where you can start outfitting your new home). 

When it comes to finding a fabulous place to call home, young professionals in Toronto are spoiled for choice. An experienced real estate professional with thorough knowledge of the city’s neighbourhoods can help ensure that your next home is everything you are hoping for.

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