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Suburb vs Exurb – What’s the Difference?

Life outside of the city centre can mean more spacious homes, greater freedom with your property and a relaxed, private atmosphere. It is no surprise that buyers who are looking for larger, more luxurious homes are branching out from urban areas and exploring more secluded communities.

If you plan on pursuing a new home away from the city, there are two community types you should familiarize yourself with, suburbs and exurbs. While these two communities share plenty of similarities in their appeals, there are key differences that play an important role in the everyday life of their residents.

Every buyer is unique, with their own list of factors and ideas that make up their dream home. The same thing applies to communities. Whether you are in the early stages of planning a move out of the city, or actively searching for your next home, understanding the difference between suburbs and exurbs will help you decide which is the best fit for you.


The general difference between suburbs and exurbs is their level of removal from the primary city centre. Suburbs sit on the outskirts of an urban area but often maintain a connection to the city’s culture and identity. Exurbs, on the other hand, exist in more rural areas beyond suburb boundaries. This removal makes them feel a greater sense of separation and seclusion from the city.

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Strength of the Suburb

Suburban life is typically one of balance. Suburbs offer a quieter atmosphere outside of the city centre, with larger homes and often more spacious lots. Despite this, suburbs are far from rural and have many of the same lifestyle perks as city life.

One of the primary advantages of living in a suburb is retaining access to the resources of the city. Entertainment venues, restaurants, schools and hospitals are all just a short or reasonable drive away. Some suburban commuters are even able to bike to work in the city centre during the warmer months.

Suburb Pitfalls

Being away from the downtown core does not equate to total privacy. If you’re looking for a home that makes your next-door neighbour feel more like a down-the-street neighbour, the suburbs may not meet your expectations.

While suburbs still host a plethora of public services, they usually cannot compare to the standards of services available in the city centre. For example, suburbs typically have public transit services, however, most residents are still required to own a car to reliably get around. For some homeowners, this means new monthly expenses to consider when leaving the core.

Exurb Appeal

As it did with nearly every facet of our lives, the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the housing market greatly. In addition to the appeal of less-dense communities, the ability to work remotely opened up a world of opportunity for homeowners looking to get away from the city. As a result, exurbs became an increasingly appealing option for buyers.

As you may expect, seclusion is one of the primary reasons people choose exurbs. With little local traffic or noisy public transit, exurbs offer their residents an even quieter atmosphere than the suburbs. Larger lots and generally less dense streets mean extra privacy for homeowners. Larger homes also attract luxury buyers who are really interested in making a space their own.

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Exurb Pitfalls

If you are interested in moving into an exurb, you are likely not in need of certain public utilities like transit networks. However, living further away from the core can also mean you have difficulty accessing private services. This could include contractors for renovations and repairs or other home services that require house calls. Of course, accessing these services won’t be impossible, but living further away can mean longer wait times and additional fees.

Living in an exurb also means sacrificing certain conveniences that come with urban or suburban life. Services like ride-sharing or food delivery are far less prominent in exurbs and the ability to run errands on foot is unheard of. These factors may seem obvious, but they are important adjustments to recognize when taking the extra step away from the city.

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It is important to remember that not all suburbs or exurbs are created equal. In the case of communities, small details can make a big impact. An expert agent can offer you insights you may have not otherwise considered and help you navigate the process of finding the best community for you.

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