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Top 5 Private Schools in Toronto

When it comes to house hunting, proximity to high-tier educational institutions is often a top priority for luxury buyers. As a world-class city, Toronto is home to some of the most renowned private schools in North America. Quality of education, reputation and global opportunities are just some of the advantages private institutions offer students over traditional schools. 

As a real estate team that specializes in working with high-end clients and their families, here are our top 5 recommendations for private education in Toronto. 

1. Upper Canada College

Upper Canada College (UCC) is an elite all-boys school located in Midtown Toronto. As a leader in private education, UCC has consistently been one of the country’s highest-ranking schools for over a century and half. Due to its reputation, UCC’s graduates frequently go on to attend some of the most-reputable post-secondary schools around the globe. The historic preparatory school also boasts notable alumni in virtually every professional field. 

Although most of the 1,200 students are enrolled in the day program, UCC retains a boarding path for a select number of students. UCC’s breathtaking 43-acre campus is found in the Deer Park neighbourhood and is home to both residential and educational facilities. Tuition fees begin at around $34,000 for day students and $61,000 for boarding students. 

2. Greenwood College School

Greenwood College School is one of the city’s newest private schools. Founded in 2002, they provide co-educational instruction for students in grades 7 through 12. Despite its short history, Greenwood has quickly received acclaim for its unique approach to learning and well-structured clubs. 

As a result of their experimental approach to learning, graduates from Greenwood frequently go on to attend both domestic and international high-ranking universities. Located in the Davisville neighbourhood of Toronto, Greenwood’s modern campus is built with a futuristic and technology-forward focus. Tuition begins at $40,070 and new students are subject to a one-time enrollment fee. 

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3. Havergal College

Havergal College is one of Toronto’s oldest educational institutions. Founded in 1894, the premier all-girls school is named after celebrated composer and humanitarian Frances Ridley Havergal. The school’s historic campus features on-site amenities and resources akin to most post-secondary institutions. Notable alumni include high-ranking politicians, Olympic athletes, authors and field-leading scientists. 

In addition to day studies, Havergal also offers a distinctive boarding track for both domestic and international students. Beyond the classroom, boarding students participate in additional recreational and life-skills programs. Further, Havergal offers a renowned student exchange program in which local students can study abroad. Tuition begins at $36,950 for day students. Fees for the boarding program vary for international and domestic students. However, costs start at $67,560 for Canadians. 

4. Bishop Strachan School

Bishop Strachan School (BSS) is Canada’s oldest preparatory school for girls. Offering both day and boarding programs, BSS is known for its prestigious approach to Anglican faith-based education. Students at BSS are placed in houses with their colleagues upon enrollment. As a result of this structure, they learn life and leadership skills alongside their formal education track. 

Bishop Strachan School offers a full JK-12 grade range. As a result, students can remain immersed in a top-tier educational experience for the duration of their academic career. Success for BSS graduates is not only a possibility, it is a guarantee. Because of the school’s reputation, 100% of graduates are offered placements at high-ranking post-secondary institutions around the globe. Tuition for day students begins at $35,800. However, for students enrolled in the boarding program, annual costs start at $66,125.

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5. Branksome Hall

Located in Toronto’s affluent Rosedale neighbourhood, Branksome Hall is a premier boarding and day school for girls. Founded in 1903, Branksome Hall has garnered international recognition for its approach to education through a global lens. The school proudly holds many international connections, including a sister institution in South Korea. As a result, Branksome Hall students frequently take both learning and service trips abroad. 

Branksome Hall provides educational tracks for grades JK-12, and offers all 3 International Baccalaureate programs. Tuition costs range based on the student’s grade, however, fees start at $37,130 for early year students. The fees for boarding students are $34,950, which is in addition to formal tuition costs. 

If you are in the luxury home market, a real estate agent who specializes in working with high-end clients is your best resource for finding the perfect home. Not only can an agent help you find the city’s most gorgeous properties, but they can also help you secure every item on your wish list – including proximity to top-rated private schools. 

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